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Sennheiser A 2003-UHF

฿34,000.00 ฿29,000.00

Sennheiser A2003UHF Directional Wide-Band Transmitting and Receiving Antenna

เสาอากาศ สำหรับการขยายสัญญาณเซ็ท 4 gang และ 8 gang ทั้งตัวรับและตัวส่ง

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Sennheiser A 2003-UHF Directional Wide-Band Transmitting and Receiving Antenna

The Sennheiser A2003UHF Wide-Band Directional Antenna enhances transmission and reception for wireless microphone and monitoring systems; such as the Sennheiser SR 300, SR 3054, SR 3056, IEM transmitters, Evolution wireless, 3000 and 5000 series wireless, and the EM-1031U monitoring system.

The antenna features directional reception and transmission over wide band 450 – 960MHz UHF frequencies. The antenna is lightweight, easily installs onto a microphone stand and features a standard BNC connection jack.

Enhanced wide-band reception
Directional transmission and reception
Mounts onto standard microphone stands